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Welcome to Surveillance UK, the only dedicated and completely confidential surveillance company.


As a company dedicated to surveillance, we are proud to provide exceptional results and evidence that cannot be scrutinised, under any circumstances. Using the latest cutting-edge surveillance equipment, including bespoke covert cameras, recording technology, devices not visible to the human naked eye and GPS Tracking that is designed to military standards and used by over 54 UK police forces, we get you results when other so-called surveillance companies don't even know where to start.

Surveillance UK's clients come from a wide range of backgrounds, and their enquiries are made up of a combination of unique and common problems they are all facing. All our agents are highly skilled, committed, knowledgeable, friendly and discreet in their work. In some cases, not even their own families know what they do. Some come from Military Special Forces backgrounds, some from careers in highly secret Police Units, Intelligence Departments or commercial security. Combined, we solve your problems and deliver you results backed with video and photographic evidence to help put your suspicions to rest maybe over a cheating husband, a cheating wife or a cheating business partner.

Our techniques help companies and Goverment Departments combat issues as diverse as Copper Theft, Metal Theft, Insurance Fraud, Benefit Cheats, Fly Tipping and Diesel Theft, which is increasingly common in rural areas. Businesses and Organisations have called Surveillance UK to put an end to Employee Theft, Internal Crimes and uprisings, including purposely antagonised slow production. We cover "goods in transit" surveillance, high valued asset surveillance, and many other key business situations.

Our agents combine the use of static, covert, mobile, rural and technical surveillance to save relationships, solve crimes, eradicate internal unease and save businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Can you afford NOT to call us?



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